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Yoga Therapy Courses

I offer a variety of options that support physical and mental health in a group setting. 

The Minded Institute: Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • An 8-week evidence-based program for anyone looking to reduce stress, anxiety and/or depression.

  • The course combines specific yoga therapy and mindfulness techniques to:  'enhance the functioning of the nervous system to improve well-being,  improve self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness and to learn to change habitual patterns of thought and behaviour.'

  • The course comes with materials for you to take home; a manual and access to online meditation resources.

  • You will Learn more about stress, anxiety and the nervous system

  • Develop self management strategies which can reduce anxiety 

  • Use different aspects of body mind practices to support mood management and relaxation

  • Understand how habitual postural and breath patterns can perpetuate stress and anxiety

  • Learn how the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness can help you feel more in control and widen your tolerance for difficulties

  • Develop a home practice and have a new tool box of techniques to use in any moment to support you feel more at ease.



Bespoke or Tailored Courses

If you or your organisation would like to offer a Therapeutic Yoga course to support well

being in your community or organisation, or for a specific client group please get in touch

and we can develop something for your specific requirements.

Price to be determined by your needs



' I loved it so much! It feels as though it changed my life, because it pulled me out of such a bad state of mind, and made me feel calmer and balanced'

'The teacher was great, it was a relaxed atmosphere and there was no pressure to do anything, i have recommended this course to others'

'I have learned to deal with anxiety, practice healing and breathing, i will leave all my negativity behind'

'It was brilliant, I feel so lucky to have taken this course, you are a brilliant teacher, I loved the worksheets each week, thank you so much, i hope to come to your classes in the future'

' I have a long way to go but there is a way, the course has shown me how tinted my vision is/was, I want to become stronger, but guenuinely not put on. Only somebody who has a combined knowledge of mind, body and soul, can be anywhere near as great as grace'

'I thought the content was just right and the course was very well presented and delivered. Thank you for an amazing course'

'Things I liked about the course: the time balance struck between explaining the theory, talking it through as a group and then using poses and breathing to demonstrate how yoga can help

  • having a different topic each week - I think breaking up the material like that makes it easier to absorb

  • the supporting documents were great too - really thorough, and easy to read and understand

  • the fact that the materials, explanations and yoga practice were accessible for all levels meaning the course will have the ability to benefit a wider cohort of people

  • the venue - really nice to have somewhere to chat before and after, the yoga mats were clean and good quality and the place as a whole felt relaxing

  • and of course you ! The effort you put into it, your very kind manner, understanding nature, patience and soothing voice. You made it a safe place for everyone and pressured no one. I also liked it when you tucked my feet in  🙂 

If you would like to know more feel free to contact me:

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