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Breath Body Mind (TM)

  • Breath-Body-Mind practices are proven to relieve stress and improve mood, mental focus, and performance

  • I am a teacher- trained to deliver the Breath-Body-Mind practices developed by the amazing Dr Richard Brown and Dr Patricia Gerbarg (

  • BBM is a combination of Body, Breath and Mindfulness practices developed from Qui-gong, Yoga and Open Focus meditation, these are evidence based interventions which are proven to enhance physical and mental health.

  • 'Benefits have been enjoyed by thousands of adults and children worldwide, including medical professionals, yoga teachers, military veterans, and individuals with PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADD, cancer, and other health conditions.' 

  • Dr Brown and Gerbarg have found that through movement, breathing, and relaxation techniques you can learn to: 'Renew your energy and increase your stress resilience, Increase lung capacity, oxygenation, and cardio-respiratory health, and Connect to your inner self and others. As well as improve relationships and emphatic abilities'

  • If you are interested in this amazing programme either 1:1 or in a group setting then please get in touch.

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